Loving the diva in you


 Ending a relationship can take its toll on a woman's self-esteem, spirit and emotional well-being.  This workshop will address ways to find your way back to a healthy, emotional and spiritual place to feel whole again.  Take a self-inventory and experience an interactive workshop designed to help you re-evaluate and put things in perspective  

Finding mr. "Right"


 Ever have your inner voice say this at the end of a relationship: “I should've known better!” or “I saw it when we were dating, but simply overlooked it!” Avoid being dismayed. and follow your heart without losing your mind! This workshop explains the importance of building safe relationships while knowing what to look for in a dating partner. Develop the five key areas to explore in a partner in order to have an accurate understanding of what that person would be like in a long-term relationship. This is referred to as “head knowledge”. 

diva style


  Ever go shopping one day and the next day you can’t find anything to wear in your closet? Hate that you can’t find a bra or clothes that truly fit?  Trying to hide those imperfections and don’t know how? Learn from an expert how to shop for the right clothes, dress your body and turn heads when you walk into a room!