note from the founder

 I know trauma first hand and if you live long enough trauma will come knocking in varying degrees -  the moment of truth comes when you get knocked you get up?  

  • At the age of 14 my brother died after receiving too much anesthesia for a tooth pull, he was only 18.
  • At the age of 18 I lost my virginity after being drugged and raped on a first date on a college campus.
  • I experienced domestic violence for the first time and I lost everything because I picked wrong. 

After the last incident, had it not been for my family, I would've been homeless and I actually owned a home.  I vowed that all of my experiences would not be in vain and that no woman would stand alone when in crisis - this is how Girl, yes you can was formed. If I can keep another woman from going through a bad situation alone because she lacks the resources, the strength or has lost hope, I will have full-filled my purpose in life.  

With that said, I think I will let a statement from Bryant McGill speak to you:  Everyone goes through hell, but not everyone stays there. Stop tormenting yourself by reliving the pain over and over. Good people go through terrible things, but wise people know when and how to let it go. We all know that wisdom does not come easy, it often comes from painful experience. Many of us are very unwise in how we handle our pain. Like an animal that struggles in a steel trap, we worsen our wounds the way we struggle, deny, and fight against what simply, is. When we refuse to learn the wisdom of acceptance, we become our own tormentors. When we refuse to let go we suffer, yet we cannot let go of something until it has taught us what we need to learn. Letting go is a process of recognition, confrontation, acceptance, and healing. Letting go simply means not suffering any more than absolutely necessary, but just enough to expand and strengthen ourselves. Some suffering is needed to deepen our compassion, to grow, and to learn. ​Letting go means you have learned enough, and now have compassion for yourself. Letting go means not touching that sore spot until it is infected, and instead letting it heal. Letting go means carrying a permanent scar, but not a permanent wound. Letting go means you may have walked through hell, but came out the other side ready to make your life a heaven. Letting go means you refuse to be a victim forever, by letting one moment define the rest of your life. Letting go means you accept change, and you accept that your pain is not permanent. Letting go means you accept that you cannot take away the past, but you insist that the past cannot take away your future. Letting go means you are ready to move forward and live. Letting go means you are no longer afraid. It was always fear that held you prisoner; letting go means you are finally free.  — Bryant McGill